Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slo-Mo to Go

Well, the Tour goes mobile in just a couple of weeks time. It's got a ragged front end on it this year with most of the good Quebec dates falling off the schedule, but it picks up as it moves west. I've been working like crazy trying to fill up the week I shifted out of November for Haida Gwaii. I've now got an extra week to fill on Vancouver Island. Some shows are starting to come in, but it's been a nail biter. Down days can just drain the Tour away. A low budget Tour like this year's just cannot afford to have many days without shows.

Speaking of days without shows— I still have a few towns without shows. Some places just seem impossible to book— year after year. You can't GIVE shows to these towns! But there are lots of new places on the Tour, and I'm really excited about getting on the road with it all. Meanwhile: I need a new presenter for Peace River, AB. Monday concert at your house or gas station, Nov 29??

Had the Lincoln in the shop for repairs and service. Back again this week for some final detailing. Got the hands free bluetooth installed for the phone. Posters are late to the printer— I'm going to have to really scramble. I was hoping to get as many dates as possible on the poster. When you've got 80- 100 stops there's always something flapping at the edges. That's certainly the way it is this year. Had some proofs run. Don't like 'em— RGB/CMYK issues I think. But they do have to fly soon, and I'll have to move into postal mode, shipping this stuff out to everybody.

Tour jackets will be here on Tuesday. I always love that! Nice coats, as usual! Soon I'll need to print out the Tour book and let any unfilled dates go. Counting down, counting down... This is a big, big road tour this year.